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Unlock Your Networking Potential with my Simple Yet Powerful Notion Template

The Problem: Maintaining Relationships Is Vital but Hard to Sustain

We've all been there. You promise yourself you'll catch up with old friends or network with potential professional contacts, but life happens. Despite knowing that nurturing these relationships could unlock numerous opportunities and even be serendipitous, it's not something that comes naturally for most of us. Reality gets in the way.

The Solution: A Notion Template Designed for Real People by an Expert

That's where my Notion Simple CRM comes in. Designed by a cognitive scientist and a former knowledge manager with firsthand experience, this template offers an intuitive system that minimizes the work needed to maintain your personal and professional network. What's more, it's crafted to be simple, fast, and highly effective.

Why This System Works

  • Automated Reminders: Your contacts are categorized and tagged with automatically calculated reminders, telling you exactly when it's time to reach out.
  • Easily Customizable: Whether you're connecting this to a daily planner or adjusting categories, customization is a breeze.

Real-World Benefits

  • I successfully moved to a new city by leveraging existing connections to find housing,
  • I secured research project funding through a conference contact,
  • I deepened friendships, remaining current on important life events,

all because I remained in contact and wasn't awkwardly saying "Hey, long time no see"...

Forget Overcomplicated CRMs: Notion Makes it Simple

Other CRM platforms offer too many options, settings, and fields that you don't need, causing more harm than good. My system, inspired by Jakob Greenfeld and Derek Sivers, built on the award-winning Notion platform, focuses on what truly matters: building and maintaining your relationships with minimal administrative work.

How It Works: Sneak Peek

  • Established Contacts Table: Sort contacts based on desired frequency of contact, from weekly to once a decade.
  • Potential New Contacts Table: Keep track of people you want to meet and set reminders for initiating contact.
  • Reach Out View: A glanceable list of who you should connect with today based on intelligent reminders.

Limited-Time Offer: 20% Off and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

As an exclusive offer for the first twenty sales, enjoy a 20% discount using the code CMS20 and test drive my system with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • What should I write when reaching out? Keep it short, genuine, and ideally helpful.
  • Daily time commitment? About 15 minutes to update tables and send messages.
  • Integration with my existing Notion setup? Easily link to your daily planner.
  • Can it be automated further? Yes, with some tinkering involving the Notion API or Zapier. Reach out if you need help.
  • Template Customization? Simply adjust the categories and corresponding formulas as needed.

I want this!

30-day money back guarantee

If you find that the template does not meet your expectations or serve your needs as promised, please let me know. I'm committed to ensuring that you're completely satisfied with your purchase, and if you're not, I offer a full refund. To request a refund, please email me at While it's not required, any feedback you provide will be greatly appreciated and used to improve future versions of this template.

Please note that even if a refund is provided, you are free to continue using the template. While I cannot take back the template itself, I trust that you understand this service is not primarily for profit but rather to support my studies.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Last updated Jun 29, 2023

Gain access to the Notion Simple CRM now. Never forget to reach out to friends and professional contacts anymore.

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Notion Simple CRM

2 ratings
I want this!